Sunday, May 5, 2013

My heart and mind are in agreement.

In my constant quest for self-acceptance, happiness, and peace, I am always looking inward. I know that is where I will find all my answers.

I need to be pushed to do that sometimes, though. All too often I look to the outside, try to find some sort of meaning for myself in the world around me, in material things or superficial actions or other people's opinions, and that does me no good. My identity is my own, my happiness is within me, and everything I need is already here.

So I decided to get myself a reminder.

A permanent one.

At the end of almost every yoga class, we bring our hands together in prayer at our hearts, then the teacher says something along the lines of, "Take your thumbs to your third eye center, the seat of power and intuition. Now bow forward to seal in your practice. Namaste."

That's the symbol I now have tattooed on me forever, the ajna chakra, the brow chakra, the third eye chakra. It is our avenue to inner wisdom, it represents listening to your heart and your intuition and allowing yourself to be guided by your own unique power. It helps you to see beyond the physical and actual into the spiritual and what is possible.

You know, all that good stuff.

Plus, I now forever match my Biff, who drew the pretty pretty symbol.

When I'm flat-footed or in heels, you see the heart shape first, but when I'm cross-legged in yoga or looking down at my own feet, I see the ajna.

I wear my heart on my foot.*

We went to Think Ink in Woodland Hills, and had a great experience. Clean, nice, friendly. Our artist was Christian, and he was really patient with us, and took the time to talk about whether or not the Buff could run after getting a foot tattoo (well, no), which deterred her from doing it yesterday. The girl can't not run, it really is a sickness. So just the Biff and I got inked up, and it really didn't hurt as bad as I was prepared for it to. I mean, kittens didn't lick it on, but it was tolerable. He was very gentle with me, started slow at first, just the tip...bahaha. Dirty. Granted, it was just a tiny little tat, but I think I can handle it for my big one.

I am so so happy I decorated myself with a little bit of ink. My very first tattoo! I'm so proud. The more I stare at my ajna, the more I love it---which is good, 'cause I'm going to have it for a little while. 

One mantra for the ajna chakra follows, and I think I am going to adopt it as my own for a little while. See how it goes.

"My heart and mind are in agreement."

*TM The Biff.


  1. Oh! I so love that!!!! You are much braver than me, TK!!! I don't think I could ever get a tattoo! I love the heart shape and the meaning and like everything! Go you!!!

  2. Lovely ink. Funny story: I had intended long, long time ago (when I was 20) to get a tattoo on my 40th birthday as a rebellion. Then they became popular. I never did figure out an alternative rebellion. Super cool that your BFF and you did it together.