Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Google Stalkin'


The day had to come. Ever since I started the blog, and began using the same pictures on my dating profile, I feared it would. Knew it would.

And it has.


I'm thoroughly amused right now, though. Not frightened. Maybe I should be frightened.

I kind of want to know who you are. It's only fair. Unless you're a creepy stalker. Are you a creepy stalker? You probably wouldn't tell me, would you? You seem nice enough. We should toootes be friends. Unless you're creepy.

Anyway, back to my point, which is now I fear I need an entirely separate set of pictures for my dating profile, which is soooo muuuuch woooork. I'm not that attractive, I don't have that many good pictures of me lying around. But I really need to not be stalked to my blog, on which I trash bad messagers and bad daters and talk about how I have a lot of emotional problems and really, really love my cat.

See, Stalker? You really don't want to date me anyway.

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