Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wily Woman

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk, calm as can be, ever so content with how both my dates went on Monday. Usually I'm anxious as can be about when/if I'll hear from guys I meet and like, but that wasn't the case yesterday (much). I was zen.

Then, lo and behold, as I ate my macaroni and cheese frozen meal, I heard from Dude #2 early in the afternoon, less than 24 hours after our date. The gist was, hey, I had fun, want to go out again?

And I went like this.

Courtesy of a reader.

That has never happened to me, in the history of time. They always wait three days. Or at least two. Always. I've never had a guy so interested in me, or hell, so confident he eschews the usual dating games, that he asked me out again right away.

I must have made a good impression.

My feminine wiles, they are wily. 

We're seeing each other Thursday.

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