Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Banana Debate

As I've mentioned, through the Weight Watchers message boards I've managed to find myself with my own little support group, despite the fact that I don't go to traditional meetings. We're spread far and wide across the continental United States, and one of us is even in Australia. It's awesome to have a group of like-minded ladies to chat with about food and fat and fitness, and they definitely keep me on track. These are the girls I went to Vegas with, and the girls who keep me occupied while I should be working, and we've become real friends, not just Internet friends.

What's awesome is they're all almost as ridiculous as I am, or in some cases, moreso (you know who you are). They get my sense of humor, and we can get down and dirty with our jokes without fear of anyone taking offense.

And we get into the weirdest conversations.

Case in point: for the last few days, we have been having a group text debate about the proper way to peel a banana.

One one side, we have the traditionalists, of which I myself am a member. You peel a banana like a NORMAL PERSON. Stem at the top as a lever.

Then on the other side, the goddamn banana molesters who violate their bananas by peeling from the bottoms, "like the monkeys do!"

The debate culminated in this video of a flaccid banana, at which I cracked up at my desk for at least fifteen seconds.

I love my fake Internet friends.


  1. <3

    And for the record, you're the one doing it wrong. The bottom way is the way nature intended.

  2. That is hilarious. And I'm with you - I peel from the top. The other way is just WRONG! LOL

  3. Why on Earth would any one peel a banana from the bottom!? That is so strange!!!

  4. I peel from the top. I wasn't aware there was "another" way to do it LOL!