Saturday, May 11, 2013

Valley Visit

I've been doing something naughty.

You may have noticed that I posted my last reward rather quickly. Yeah, well, that's 'cause I went ahead and ordered it early, as I was worried it would sell out. Not for any real reason, but it turned out to work in my favor, as it got delivered only a day or two before I hit the weight, and I didn't even open it and peek until Thursday.

And I've gone and done it again.

See, originally, I picked out a comforter online weeks ago that was a little over a hundred dollars, and black and white, and tres tres chic. But then I thought a) what the hell am I doing getting a white comforter when that's what I have now and b) do I really need to spend that much? Non. So, then I thought, maybe I just WON'T BUY ONE. I'll wait.  BUT. Then. I looked on Urban Outfitters, which is the site my current comforter (which is actually just a duvet insert) came from, and lo and behold, I found a gorgeous one, on sale, in the exact colors of my room. FATE.

Turns out they had it in stock at the Studio City UO location, so I went on a field trip today. When I hit insane LA traffic on the way I thought I'd made a poor choice and I should have just ordered it online, but it turned out to be cheaper in the store than online, so it really was just destiny all around. The universe is totally wasting time caring about my decorating scheme.

You don't get to see it yet, though. Not until I make my goal. I'm not using it, or taking it out of the package, or washing it. No no.

You do get to see some photos, though.

Almost left the house schlubby, then
remembered I'M AN ADULT.

Studio City is really cute!

Loved the Barnes and Noble in the old movie theater.

Urban was catering to me.

Stopped into Free People as I need an outfit for the
Fleetwood Mac concert. Where else would you go?
Not that I can afford anything there.

Wasteland is the fancier version of Crossroads. They
would never, ever buy my stuff. 

Too many labels! Not enough monies!

Have you ever seen doily overalls?
Now you have.

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  1. Looking good lady! Love your maxi skirt.