Monday, May 13, 2013

Info In Excess

In the depths of weekend boredom, I was struck with a bit of inspiration and decided to set up my online dating profile. I wasn't actually ready to start dating, mind you, I just wanted to think of a profile name, and set up my OkCupid once again, without pictures, since I was waiting until I dye my hair.

(I do think I'll try Match too in the future, but can't hurt to use the free one as well, right? Double dipping ain't illegal.)

A Weight Watchers friend helped me come up with a cute, fun profile name, then I took to answering their standard questions, which haven't changed since the first time I explored the site, oh, seven years ago or so? God.

In the past, I think I was so desperate to show personality, to show that I had one, that I couldn't stop myself from throwing everything and the kitchen sink into my profile.

"Joke! Joke! Joke!" I'd start out, before listing what I though were my best qualities and funniest worst ones. Then, "Look at all these good movies I like!" I'd brag. "And all this awesome music I listen to! And food! Joke! Joke! DON'T YOU WANT TO FUCK ME?!"

It would turn out that my profile was, well, long.

This time, though, I'm trying to keep myself in check. Because I think a too-long profile communicates one of three things:

1) You're very insecure and want to be validated.

2) You're very egotistical and want to be validated.

3) You have way too much time on your hands.

I would say numbers 1 and 3 are fairly accurate, and I don't really want to advertise them right off the bat, do I? No.

So, over the weekend I answered the questions, and messed about, and creeped on my girlfriends who have profiles. First I had what I thought was a sassy little profile, then I decided to some editing 'cause, well, some of the words might have been too big.

Then I pondered just how self-deprecating I should get, and how confident I want to seem, and what's too much Taylor and what's not enough. Basically, how much of my nonsense do I unleash?

Then I contemplated how honest I want to be about what I'm looking for. And then I decided, not very. Why take it too seriously?

And then today came. And I was going to deactivate my profile, and let it go to sleep for a couple of months, but honestly...I'm a little bored.

A little lonely.

A little...antsy.

So I put up a few pictures. Just for fun.

Let's see how this goes.

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