Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Things I Love About My Job

I've complained a lot about my job on this blog, and honestly, I think a lot of it was unfounded. My unhappiness came from me and my negativity, not from my job or company themselves. (Sure, some of it was valid, but that's not the point of this post.)

As I've been doing better mentally over these past couple of months, I've made a lot of improvements at my place of employment. My attitude is better...at least part of the time. I've advocated for myself and I should be getting a raise soon. I've asked for more to do and more responsibility, and I'm getting it.

And aside from all that, my job has a shitload of perks.


*When my kitty is sick, I can leave early to take care of him.
*Actually, I can pretty much leave early for any reason, and control my own schedule, and no one cares.
*Awesome coworkers with fantastic senses of humor.
*A kitchen full of tasty snacks (that I get to pick out so there are healthy things I can eat, not just crap).
*Amazingly close proximity to my house. I'm talking less than a mile.
*Dogs running around the office.
*A late start time.
*The freedom to surf the Internet.
*The freedom to blog.
*The freedom to wear no makeup and flip flops if I want to.
*I'll throw in awesome people again, cause it's true.
*Our company color is PINK.

I mean yeah, sometimes I'm like this...

And every day ends like this...

But a lot of days are like this, recently...

And hey, at least I have a job. And it's not this.