Monday, May 6, 2013

An Open Letter to Monday

Hello, Monday!

Usually, I'm less happy to meet you. But today, I will embrace you oh so warmly, 'cause you brought me rain.

And we all now how I feel about rain.

I'm in surprisingly good mood, considering the days I have ahead of me, full of this evil thing called work, and the fact that once again I'm not allowed to go to yoga 'cause the germies could get into my tattoo. Whatever will I do with myself, Monday?! I just don't know.

I do need groceries, this is true. But I've been trying to see how long I can go without spending money this month, except for that whole, you know, throwing a bunch of cash at some body modification. 


But you know, Monday, I wish you had brought some better feelings for my Tree. He looked so miserable when I left for work! I will check on him at lunch and give him snuggles, then maybe take him to the vet tomorrow. Though what can they really do for a cold? But maybe it's not just a cold...

Oh, Monday, why am I so happy today? There's no real reason for it, and yet I'm just peachy with a side of keen, that would be me.

I might as well right this wave while it lasts.

Thanks for not sucking today.


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