Friday, May 31, 2013

Date Night

I had my second date last night with Le Garcon.

That's not his nickname. But I do think he needs one. I mean, after last night, I kind of assume I'm going to see him again. I'd honestly be surprised if I didn't. Things went well.

Let's backtrack.

Look how cute I looked!

And...that's the only picture I have. I would have thought to take some of the super nifty bar we went to while he was in the bathroom, but...I didn't. 'Cause I was having fun, and not really thinking about my phone SORRY GUYS.

To evaluate the date, I decided on a carefully structured system of points, crafted after careful deliberation and much research into the pluses and minuses of male/female interaction...nah.

I just made shit up.

  • He picked me up, on time. +5
  • He's the kind of gentleman who will speed up so he gets to the door before you to open it. +8
  • He worked on one of my favorite TV shows. +6
  • He has a very slight case of nerd voice. Really more of dork voice. -4
  • He tolerated me showing him pictures of my cat in a bowtie. +3
  • He let me buy two rounds to his one. -4
  • He laughed at my jokes. +5
  • He made me laugh. +5
  • He has passion, goals, drive and direction. +10
  • He loves to cook. +5
  • He forgave me not having seen his three favorite shows/movies of all time. +5
  • He asked if I was ready to leave the bar way too early. -8
  • But quickly said yes when I invited him up to my place. +2 (I mean, duh.)
  • And he's a very good kisser. +10
  • He appreciates ass. +4
  • And the rules I set forth. +5
  • Though he did push the boundaries, as boys do. -4
  • But not too much. +3
  • He left at a reasonable hour. +5
  • But he had trouble tearing himself away. +10
  • Overall, he is good at fluffing my ego. +6
  • And he's pretty darn cute. +10

Final score: 87

A respectable score.

I do sincerely hope there is a third date.

Taylor like.

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