Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tree Climbing

I believe we have my Bentley on the mend.

I was sent home from our second visit today with ten days of antibiotics, more pain meds, appetite stimulants, and new food. He ate some wet food today, the first in awhile, and definitely has more energy, though he isn't back to his normal sassy self. Still in pain but his meds are helping and he can jump on and off things now, so all good news!

We're cuddled up on the bed together and he wants to be pressed up against me as much as he can. A few whimpers, but definitely purrs too.

I think he appreciates me taking care of him.


  1. Oh my gosh the worst is the whimpers :( They make me so sad!

    My poor puppy(or 16 y/o dog, whatever) got attacked by a pit bull a year ago and the constant crying during the first night was absolutely horrible! I cry when I think about it :*(

    1. I know, my heart was just BREAKING!