Things To Know

Sometimes I forget not everyone has read every single word I've written on my blog, and thus might not know what the fuck I'm talking about.

Thus, a hand cheat sheet. Updated as needed.

Bentley = Tree = My Cat = Will Never Die
WW = Weight Watchers
NSV = Non Scale Victory, ie a way to gauge my weight loss that doesn't involve my actual weight
APs = activity points earned through exercise
OP = on plan, or off plan, depending on context
HRM = heart rate monitor
Biff = My BFF. Her dogs are Frankie the Doodle and Jojo the Monster.
Buff = My married other BFF. Her dog is Gracie.
Marilyn = My trusty Jetta, a graduation gift from my daddy. I will drive that car into the ground. Err...yeah.

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