About Me

I'm Taylor. TK. Tay. Teeps. 

I'm 25.

I'm 5'4.

I'm so fucking single.

I live in LA.

I have a cat, Bentley, Tree, who is the love and light of my life. I've had him since I before I hit puberty and grew these boobs of mine. He is as gay as a daffodil, but does love my boobs.

I have never lived anywhere longer than five years. Phoenix > Bay Area > St. Louis > Houston > Bay Area > Santa Barbara > Seattle > Santa Barbara > LA. What's next? I'm thinking PARIS. Or San Francisco.

I wish I could be a blonde, but no one will let me. The general reaction to the idea is "Oh honey, no."

I like hot yoga, hiking, beach walks, and sitting. One of these things is not like the other.

Other likes: Pancakes, gingers, TV marathons, New Zealand sauvignon blancs and Malbec reds, lace and leather, rain, rambling, and elephants.

Dislikes: Hypocrisy, green peppers, BBQ, mustard, people who say things they don't mean, unexpected traffic, and pea green, the color.

I have a lot of issues. I'm trying to cancel my subscription, with medication and therapy.

I freaking love color.

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