Friday, May 10, 2013

Weighty Matters and Foodie Thoughts

I'm such an early bird this week! Tree and I have been snuggled up in bed since before seven chatting with a Weight Watchers friend, and we have rambly thoughts to share.

Look, here's the thing: I am a scale addict.

I have tried not to be, and I do believe deep down in my soul that you and I are more than the number, but still, I compulsively step on my little plastic Taylor scale multiple times a day, and you know what? With all the other issues I have and the demons I'm fighting and the mountains I'm climbing, this one is kind of far down on the list. I'm okay with being a scale addict.

What prompted this realization was that being up early means I weighed myself around 6:30, but didn't log the weight officially, it being Friday and all. Because I know, from years of experience, that I will lose a full pound at least within the next hour or so.

The human body is a hilarious thing.

Anyway, as I was talking with my WW Lady and sharing my stories of scale addiction, she pointed out another mountain that is just too daunting to deal with: the whole "clean eating" thing. And she's so right. Yes, I know it's a good idea to cut out all the processed crap and eat mostly from God's green Earth and so on, but isn't it enough that I eat well right now? Do I have to eat perfectly?

There are just entirely too many battles to fight all at once. So many balls to juggle. I cannot juggle all the balls.

I ain't no porn star.

Anyway, these are my musings of the morning, as I rationalize my consumption of totally processed frozen meals four days a week. Because they are easy and delicious.

Like me.

And I'm done.

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