Friday, May 17, 2013

WW Recap 5/10-5/16: Learning Curve

Apparently, I have taken to only logging my weight every other week.

I am fine with this.

As you know, I struggled this week, after getting to my lowest weight last week. Self-sabotage, my old friend. But you know, what's the bright side of this?

Other than my eating, I'm pretty happy with my week. I tried, some. Trying is good. And I'll try more next week.

This week, I wanted to...

...restart my yoga practice, and I did! my yoga book and some fiction, and while I definitely dove into "Journey Into Power", I didn't read any fiction. But who really cares? Not I.
...try to keep my apartment clean, and I definitely did a lot better than last week. 
...spend my weekend time well, and Saturday was great. I went to yoga and went to Studio City. Then Sunday, I did absolutely nothing, thinking I had earned it and it would make me happy, but it really didn't. That was the beginning of my downfall. So I think I learned something---maybe I no longer want to spend entire days of nothingness. Maybe I only love my nothingness now when it's earned...

Next week, I would like to...

...have a great time in Santa Barbara with my Biff and my Buff and stay active.
...use yoga to comfort myself instead of food.
...track everything I eat, even if I go into the red.

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