Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ho Fo Sho

I'm here to bring you a little snippet of hilarity from yesterday's double date day.

My first date was at 3, my second at 7, giving me plenty of time to change locales. The earlier date was meant to be at a coffee shop in Culver City, but due to Memorial Day it ended up being closed. We decided to forget the whole "coffee" thing and just go straight to a bar, and I recommended one across the street from the place I was meeting Date #2 later that evening.

Because I'm nothing if not practical.

So, we have some drinks at 3 in the afternoon, chat, laugh, all is well. We part around 6 or so, giving me time to touch up my makeup, sober up, remove my car from the lot and make a loop so I don't have to pay for parking for a gazillion hours, and head across the street to the second bar.

Which was also closed for the holiday.

So where did I and Dude #2 end up going?

The same bar I had just left.

One day. One bar. Two dates. One bartender.

He came up to us and looked at me and I was like "Uh, hi again!"

I told my date I'd just been there with a friend.

I'm a ho.

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