Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Links For A Titillating Tuesday

6 Rules for Turning 25

Thought Catalog seems to be catering to my demographic recently.

"2. Make sure that you understand that love cannot be willed into existence."

29 Reasons Why You Are Liz Lemon

And Buzzfeed always knows my life.

8. Your relationship with the word “lovers” is semi-unconventional

Absolute Worst Pictures of Men and Cats

This was my Facebook profile picture a few years ago. I feel it represents me well.

Not just a girl...

Aww. This woman photographed her daughter as some of history's most amazing women. (Coco Chanel's Nazi affiliations not withstanding.) Beautiful.

This Crazy Cat Bikini Is Amazing

I MUST HAVE THIS. There's a pussy on your pussy!

And Buzzfeed brings us a moment of joy out of the terrors in Oklahoma.

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