Friday, May 24, 2013

WW Recap 5/17-5/23: Floating Along

I tried until maybe Monday this week. Tuesday.

And then I stopped trying.

I floated.

I will try harder this week. I will. Because trying makes me feel good. 

Last week, I wanted to...

...have a great time in Santa Barbara with my Biff and my Buff and stay active, and I did that. 
...use yoga to comfort myself instead of food, and I did not really do that.
...track everything I eat, even if I go into the red, and I did that up until Tuesday, and then...not so much.
...write, which I did, but I did not post.

This week, I would like to...

...go to yoga more.
...track every single bite. more.
...drink less Diet Coke. 


  1. Tracking, even when you're in the red (by like... 237 points, which I've done) is the best way to get back to it. It's funny how we fall off the wagon that way, like we're even lying to ourselves about what we're eating, shrinking portion sizes to fit them into our points budgets.

    We're weird.

    Or I'm weird, if you don't do those things.

    1. I know, it's so true! It's just so hard to force myself to do it when I go off the rails.

      And yes, we are so weird!