Monday, May 20, 2013

The Big Yellow Joint

My coworker sent out an office wide email this afternoon just a bit before 4:20 asking if anyone would like to accompany her to Bluth's Frozen Banana stand, which was in Culver City to promote this weekend's premiere of Season Four of "Arrested Development".

Obviously, she could have just sent that email straight to me.

The two of us fought early evening traffic and made a beeline for the banana, where a crowd of probably 250+ waited in line for a free frozen treats. Clearly, we were not the only people hoping to get a free banana that won't make you sick and kill you.

We waited in line for probably an hour and a half, I'm not really sure. I honestly don't care, it was a gorgeous day, we made friends with the adorable little boy and his mom in front of us, and we met a Mr. Manager after he got his banana. 

Then it was finally our turn, and it was well worth the wait. Delicious, tasty delights! Picture with the big yellow joint!

 Best. Day. Ever.

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