Saturday, May 25, 2013


My parents arrived back on American soil last night. Yayyyyy!

Today, we'll be dining out in Hollywood and seeing FLEETWOOD FUCKING MAC.

Enjoy some links. I'll be off living life and drinking drinks.

22 Dreamy Art Installations You Want To Live In

Oh my stars, this is so amazing. The brains on some people, I mean seriously...I want to frolic in the rain palace, and play in the sticker room...ALL OF THEM.

We've Asked The Pros: What Are The Best GIFs Of All Time?

So, have you heard? Apparently "gif" is supposed to be pronounced "jif". Like the peanut butter. I will not be pronouncing it as such, but hey, via GoFugYourself, check out Refinery29's compilation of the best gifs. G-IFs.

God, I love this woman. She is grace and class and everything I want to be. What a lucky boy.

15 Grandmas Killing It On Facebook

Bahahaha. My grandma has a FB but never uses it. I almost wish she would.

And last but lost least, unless you're living underneath a rock, tomorrow is the premiere of Season Four of "Arrested Development". OH. FUCK. YES.

Check out these four clips from the new episodes. Personally, I have not watched, because I want it to all be fresh and new. But I'm linking them for you, because I'm generous like that.

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