Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Smile and Frown Links

The Happy

30 Undeniable Facts That Everyone Knows Are True

Heh. I will agree with most. #1 is just pure truth.

Jennifer Lawrence Wins the Internet With This Met Gala Photobomb GIF

God, I just fucking love her.

In case you haven't seen it yet, THIS IS BEYOND.

The Sad

My Racist Encounter at the White House Correspondents' Dinner

This is so disgusting I want to cry. I really need to be more aware of my own privilege, I will never endure a situation like this, and because of that I should be more conscious and speak out more when I encounter prejudice. Thought of the day.

Edward McClain, “the Real Change guy” dies at 69

This guy was a huge part of my college experience. I used to walk to "the ghetto Safeway" (sorry, so not PC) from my apartment sophomore year (drove there my last year) and the Real Change guy was always there, offering you a paper, with a genial "Have a nice day, ma'am!" It's fascinating to learn about his life before he ended up on Brooklyn Ave. Rest in peace, Edward.

The Happy Sad

What Charles Ramsey and Amanda Berry Knew

This is a fantastic article about the women found in Cleveland. Worth a read.

"But one phrase in particular, from the interview, is worth dwelling on: "I figured it was a domestic-violence dispute." In many times and places, a line like that has been offered as an excuse for walking away, not for helping a woman break down your neighbors door. How many women have died as a result? They didn't yesterday."

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