Thursday, May 16, 2013

Man Meat

Have you all heard about this "Kitchen Nightmares" drama?

Basically, the finale of the show aired last week, and the featured restaurant owners went batshit crazy on Facebook, bring the wrath of the entire Internet down upon themselves.

And it was amazing.

I watched their episode of "Kitchen Nightmares" on YouTube, and it was some high-quality entertainment, I have to say. And I found myself incredibly, undeniably, thoroughly attracted to the host, Gordon Ramsay.


So all I've been doing for the last two days is watching more episodes. I'm surprisingly entertained, considering I don't watch a ton of this sort of reality tv.

Gordon screams a lot.

It excites me.

I can't stop watching.

God, he's tasty.

1 comment:

  1. You just discovered Gordon? Oh my. Yes, he is delicious. :)

    And the whole Amys Baking Company...well, not everyone in Arizona is that way. Maybe Scottsdale... LOL