Saturday, May 11, 2013

Powder Party

So, there are only five units in my building, and I rarely see any of my neighbors. Coincidentally, I happened to see one of them for the second time yesterday, the first being at four am when I had a boy over and I had to go down to him sitting in his car and ask him ever so politely to you know, not blast music and jam out at four am when I have a boy over.


So he said hi, and ever so politely (WE ARE SO POLITE) invited me to a party he was throwing that evening, and gave me his number to call in case they got too loud. I said thanks, knowing I would do neither of those things. Go to a party where I know no one? Call and tell someone to be quiet when they're having fun and I'm a sad loner alone being lonely?



Voices carry from his place (which makes me wonder if they carry from mine...) and I just overheard:

"I actually have a fair amount of coke left over from last night. Not that I'm complaining."


Clearly I should have gone, then.

I mean, unless he was talking about soda. 

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