Friday, May 10, 2013

Quote Of The Freaking Day

Baron, man. You've done it again.

I keep re-reading the first chunk of "Journey Into Power", as it is packed dense with so much wisdom and so much truth that is too appropriate to where I am in my life right now to be dealt with in one reading. I keep highlighting sentences and passages and I swear, the whole book is going to end up pink and yellow and blue before the weekend is out.

The first main section is Rewiring Your Mind, and in the beginning Baptiste goes through eight principles that help yogis step up to their edge, which "is where we come right up against ourselves and what we can do and be".

The one that's was just killing me last was Principle 3: Growth Is The Most Important Thing There Is, because of this paragraph:

"The funny thing about growth is the paradox contained within it. It begins not with momentum, or even willingness. It begins with acceptance. You can only grow beyond where you are if you accept where you are in the first place. You can only begin to stretch your limits if you can see and embrace them. It isn't willpower or anger at your limitations that stretches them. It's acceptance. You can never actually grow past your edge if you can't see it clearly and willingly."
Um, yeah.

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