Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco de Buffo

After we got our tattoos yesterday, it was time to celebrate the Birth of the Buff! We got back to their awesome house in the Valley to find The Husband setting up to throw her what turned out to be the best party ever, full of margaritas and snacks and puppies and people who love her, so basically, what more could you want?

We dined on a light salad, and a less light mini margarita, which packed enough of a punch that I passed out for an epic nap while spooning Jojo.

Bitty bottles! ALWAYS WITH THE

After we napped, I ate another salad, because apparently that's all I do, then we started drinking more margaritas, and the partying began!

It was a fantastically fun evening, and a much necessary letting down of the hair, literally and metaphorically. I should straighten my hair more, I like flipping it about. It's always amazing to spend time with my ladies, and my Spanish girl was there too with her Puerto Rican lovah. Also, I talked to a boy I met last December at a party, and he remains cute and I am intrigued. And I got to see a lot of people I haven't seen since their wedding, which was really fun, and a lot of the girls I bonded with at Buff's bachelorette were there, which was so great. Also, met some of her coworkers, and it's important to meet new people! One of the girls was super sweet, and works in the area I live/work in, so that's nifty.

The pups also had a grand time, Jojo and Gracie performed quite well for the guests and played and played and played until they passed out. Frankie did very well accepting attention, even though she gets a little scared in large crowds. Of course, immediately upon entering their home she found a toy she liked, and spent most (all) of the evening guarding it from every other creature. Silly.

So all in all, I say: SUCCESS. 


I ended up with ALL THE PUPPIES. Oh yeah, and Drunk Me
decided Fanta sounded like a GREAT IDEA.


The Husband asked if I wanted him to
take a picture, and I said I preferred
narcissistic self shots. In which I make
dumb faces.

King Tiburon sleeps.

Doodle cannot part with the toy to join the others.

As always, The Married Couple were excellent hosts. I want their house and their pets and their awesomeness.

Basically, I want to be them when I grow up. Is that okay?

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