Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lovely Links for Lazies

Are you home on this Saturday night? Lazy.

I'm not, for once. I KNOW RIGHT.

But I have links for you anyway, 'cause I'm a giver!

First, via Jezebel, the best thing you will see all weekend.

25 Things You Don’t Have To Justify To Anyone

I just love Thought Catalog, and this is great. My favorite:

"25. Not knowing exactly what you want to be when you grow up, even if many people would already put you in the category of "grown up." If you are considering going back to school, or changing careers, or moving, or starting a family, or doing charity work --- it's all good. And none of it has to be followed up with a longwinded explanation about why it's a good idea and they should believe in you. If you need to justify what makes you happy to someone in your life, perhaps you should ask yourself why you even care about their opinion in the first place."

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls... SO I WILL.

More awesomeness. This is really applicable for anyone, regardless of body type. We should ALL love ourselves and embrace ourselves, flaws and all.

"You're allowed to fall in love with yourself. I promise. This will be the scariest thing you will ever do, and that's okay. It will also be the most amazing (albeit super gradual) experience you will ever have. It doesn't make you narcissistic. It doesn't make you vain. It is liberating in every form of the word."
23 Signs You're Too Obsessed With Your Person

Some of these are familiar, though Tree would never admit to it.

And a little gift from George Takei...

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  1. Heh, those cat obsession ones were extremely funny.