Thursday, May 2, 2013

Am I The One?

There's one thing I think almost every girl wonders, and maybe every person wonders.

Is there anyone in this great wide universe who thinks they're the one who got away?

It's kind of the ultimate fantasy. The idea that there's someone out there who imagines you as their ideal partner, a never-forgotten opportunity, a missing soulmate. It's the ego boost of it, the thought that you're special, you're different, you've remained perfect in the memory of someone lost in yours. Who doesn't want that?

I'm not sure I hold that place in anyone's heart, honestly. For awhile, yes, I think I did, but not now, and I'm so fine with that. I don't want to be that person's one.

But I'd like to be someone's one.

Then again, I don't have my own. There's no one in my past that I miss desperately, that I wish things could have worked out with, or with who I dream of a second chance. I mean, sure, I may occasionally let my thoughts drift to the Ginger but that's only because he was the last man I had feelings for, and my palate has yet to be cleansed.

Someone cleanse my palate, please? Mama needs some romance.

I'd like to be someone's one.

Well, temporarily. And then I'll break their little heart, and they'll think of me always.

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