Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Journey Into My Power

Weeks and weeks and WEEKS ago, I bought the recommended book for my yoga teacher training program, "Journey Into Power: How To Sculpt Your Ideal Body, Free Your True Self, and Transform Your Life with Yoga" by Baron Baptiste. Pretty lofty promises, eh?

I could have paid full price and used my two day Amazon Prime shipping, but I was attempting to be fiscally responsible, so I bought a used copy. And then it took a century to get here, so really, the lesson I learned was NEVER BUY ANYTHING CHEAP.


But it finally arrived, and I am so happy, because now I can start my preparations for class! I read the preface today at lunch, and I just know the book is going to speak to me right on my level.

Choice quotes:

"Sharing what you know makes it more real, more a living part of you." 
"I saw that if i stopped smothering my spirit and soul with external knowledge goals, I would actually start feeling, and ultimately healing." 
"...we don't have to take dogma so seriously. When we start too take it too seriously, outer mastery becomes the goal, and we are then chasing the illusion once again." 
"If we tune out the inner voice of wisdom in favor of what someone else is telling us, how can we ever really be in our own power?" 
"The only person who can open the door to inner truths and lead you to the light is yourself."

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