Friday, May 3, 2013


Via the rather handy dandy Google Analytics site (program? tool? thingy?), I can now tell you that as of today my blog has had over 500 unique viewers.


After Los Angeles, (and I'm sure the majority of visits are probably, well, me, on various devices), most of my daily (not unique) visitors come from New York, San Francisco, Durham and Santa Barbara (HI BIFF!). Some from Australia, Canada and France too!

The most visitors I've ever seen on my blog at one time was five, and I felt oh so popular. I wanted to throw a party for all of us.

People spend an average of four minutes on my site, which isn't too bad, actually! They visit two pages on average, and 18% of the people who come to my blog are new visitors. My "bounce rate" is only 65%, which is the percentage of visits where people left directly from the main page, so almost nearly half of people (in Taylor troll math) click on at least one post.

Overall, I think I'm doing pretty well for just over a year of blogging. I really need to start focus on expanding my readership by reading more blogs myself, and commenting, so I become more a part of the lifestyle blogging community. That's really how I will start to get more readers, more feedback, and improve my content!

I also think I might reward myself by purchasing some ad space on some big blogs in a few months---after I get my long-awaited raise, of course. 'Cause ads are definitely not in my budget.

If you're a regular reader of my blog, and you like what I'm dishing out, I'd love it if you shared my site with any friends you think would enjoy it too! Or if you have a blog or site of your own, you could advertise Freak Out In Color by linking this button below:

But if you want to advertise on my site, it won't cost you a dime---send me an email at and we'll chat.

Love you all, my freakish little readers!


TK and Tree

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