Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Beyond Section

I went a little crazy with my Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards.

I may have exceeded my gift card funds.

Let's assess the apartment transformations, shall we?

With the assistance of one Mr. Tree, who helped by sitting in a plastic bag, right in my way.

First we have my brand new, big shiny shelves, providing much needed space in my bathroom. Also, check out my squishy new purple rug, and my awesome new colorful towels.

My old shelves got moved to the kitchen, where they became a new pantry. Prior to today all my food stuffs were crammed into a teeny tiny cabinet, and now they have room to breeeathe. Fun fact---I don't have a lot of food.

I also could not resist the allure of something I've wanted for a good long while --- lighted flowers. Or what I ended up with, lighted branches, with little crystal flowers.

Tree approves of the decoration and organization. He does not approve of the blogging, because then I am not paying attention to him.

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