Friday, April 19, 2013

10 Day Challenge Amendment

Yesterday when I was driving in the dark to my studio, yawning my face off, I had a feeling.

I didn't want to put on my heart rate monitor.

Usually, I love wearing it. I love knowing exactly the number of calories I burned, I like being able to check how much of class is left, I enjoy being able to monitor, you heart rate.

But for whatever reason, yesterday I just was not in the mood. So I didn't wear it. And it made for a wonderful, spiritual practice.

So that gave me thoughts. Why don't I not wear it through the entirety of my little challenge? I can pretty much gauge how many activity points I burn at this point based on how hard I feel myself working, and I know I won't lie to myself and give myself more than I deserve. And it might be a nice break from the rigidity, and it will free me up from focusing on the time and calories of yoga as opposed to the breath and the movement. Maybe my HRM ties me too much to the fitness of yoga, and takes me away from the mental aspects, which is what this challenge is about to me.

So yes, I like this new amendment. No heart rate monitor for my 10 Day Challenge.

Just free, beautiful yoga.

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