Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Life In List Form

1) I just ate cereal out of a mixing bowl. That's embarrassing.

2) My antibiotics are making me sleepy, and I actually feel more sickly now than I did before I started taking them. Fuck you, modern medicine.

3) I went home early after my Super Important Meeting, which was Really Not A Big Deal, but I Made Progress In Life Today, and I Like Capitals.

4) Then I was going to nap, but my sheets were so gross and full of cat hair that I dreamed about them last night, so I changed them.

5) THEN I napped.

6) Now I'm irritated, because The Progress I Thought I Had Made has totally been cut at the knees because of me going home. Fucking hell. Whatever.

7) Here's a puppy.

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