Thursday, April 18, 2013

Screen Free Week

So, my log out thing is going...okay.

I didn't watch a movie on Monday, in fact have not turned my television on at all. Win. And I did leave my laptop at work Monday, and Tuesday, and yesterday...

But yesterday, oh yesterday. I spent the whole night on my inherited iPad. So really, what's the difference? At least with my laptop, I can write and such. The iPad is purely for consumption, not creation.

And I have a feeling tonight would be along the same lines.

Then I found out that about a week and a half from now is Screen Free Week, which is just what it sounds like. April 29th through May 5th you're supposed to unplug it all, every single thing, and live your freaking life, man.

Of course, this isn't entirely realistic, I have to work, and my phone is surgically attached to my hand, and whatnot. But hey, what a fortuitous coincidence!

So I am amending my self-created challenge, because I can, and I DO WHAT I WANT.

I'll take my computer home tonight, and stay tech-free for three nights next week too, then follow the world like a lemming during the actual Screen Free Week starting on April 29th.



I need a hobby.

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