Saturday, April 27, 2013

Reward #5: Nail Me Twice, No Shame

So, I had a new necklace as my 147 goal. Then way before I hit 147, I ordered myself a little something on Etsy that took awhile to arrive from Mexico.

Rain drops keep falling on my head...

I knew it was going to arrive in the mail around the same time I reached my goal, so obviously a different new necklace was an insufficient reward. So I decided I wanted this, which I do still want real real bad, but today I went for a mani/pedi with College Roomie and Other College Roomie who is visiting from Seattle to celebrate CR's birthday, and I decided that should be my reward, along with the above necklace I purchased for no reason other than wanting to.


Besides, my 145 reward will be here before you know it...

Proof of loss, I do not have, because my toes were not painted and not pretty. Next time I'll prove it, swearsies.

145 - healthy BMI - Welcome mat.
142 - lowest weight - New comforter.
139 - new decade - Dye hair.
136 - original goal - Get a massage. (Removed a facial, I can do that whenever.)
132 - college weight - New purse.
130 - Final Goal! - SHOP!
Maintenance Goal - Tattoo

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