Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sweat It Out

I used to hate to sweat.

I mean, really hated it. One reason is that I have always felt like I sweat more than I should to be considered pretty and girly and delicate. And all the sweat was on my face where everyone could see it and know that I was fat and out of shape, in case they couldn't see that already.

And sweat makes me sticky.

And sweat is gross.

So, it came as a surprise to everyone, especially me, that I love hot yoga so much. Because you get simply drenched in sweat, your hair, your skin, head to toe, soaked down to your skivvies.

If you wear any. Which I don't.

Anywho. Sweat. I miss it. I miss my sweat. It's only been four days without class, I've certainly gone much longer and very recently, too, but not because I wasn't allowed, because I didn't want to.

I'm not allowed. AND I WANT TO GO.

I think I'm getting better. My wheeze is less wheezy, my cough less...moist. (You're welcome.)

I should be back in the studio soon, restarting my 10 Day Challenge.


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