Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dinner Party For Four

Last night, I had a friend and her boyfriend (who I'd say I could now call a friend on his own) over for a home-cooked meal and some catching up.

But that was really just a pretense. 

First things first. Nicknames. 

This friend was my Facebook wife for five years, so I could call her The Wife, but that seems so unoriginal, and untrue, since she dumped me last summer for this boyfriend of hers. TEARS. Ex-Wife? She did live abroad in Spain for three years, so that's a wealth of inspiration there...Besos. Yes, I shall call her Besos.

As for the boyfriend, he is the one who made us the delicious and authentic Puerto Rican sangria, so the Puerto Rican seems reasonable. PR.

So anyway, I invited Besos and the PR over for dinner, but really, Bentley invited them over. He put on his bow-tie and everything. See, he is quite sick of this whole "celibacy" thing I'm doing and goddamnit HE WANTED A MAN TO SNUGGLE.

And snuggle he did.

Plus, Besos was always his most favorite of my friends in high school in college, in fact there was one inebriated night during which she claims they "exchanged souls", so overall, Tree had just about the best night of his life.

I made my standard guest fare, parmesan crusted chicken with balsamic roasted veggie and feta salad with another batch of the brie and apple crescent rolls. I tried a few with poppyseeds, which were pretty delicious too! I also substituted agave, as my Besos is not a fan of honey. Still tasty but I prefer the honey.

Food, wine, friends, so much cat hair everywhere it was ridiculous---definitely a successful evening.

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