Monday, April 15, 2013

Mind, Body, Yoga Links

I recently discovered the website Mind, Body, Green and have been greatly enjoying its hippietastic articles and health-focused message. I've been needing a new site to add to my daily rotation, and this one definitely fit the bill. Some of it is a little too granola, even for me, considering I like to eat meat and wear leather, but there are so many awesome posts on there. I definitely recommend you check it out.

A big part of the website is YOGA, so of course I'm all about it. Check out these fantastic articles, and let me know if you find any of your own!

Dispelling The Fears That Are Preventing You From Trying Yoga

Why You Should Date A Yogi

15 Ways To Squeeze More Yoga Into Your Everyday Activities

27 Mind-Blowing Inversions From Rockstar Yogis

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