Monday, April 22, 2013

A Walk With Germs

So, after nearly six weeks of hacking and wheezing and pleas from my BFF and coworkers to get my ass to urgent care, I finally went today.

Either I have:

a) bronchitis


b) walking pneumonia

Fun, right? RIGHT!

I have to go back for a chest x-ray tomorrow, 'cause of course their machine was down today. Of course, as this is how my life works. Can't just get shit DONE.

I am now left with a bit of a quandry. I feel, you know, fine, mostly. Save the cough and the wheeze and the occasional inability to breathe. But if I do have, you know, PNEUMONIA, should I not be taking that shit to yoga? You know, for my own health, but also...germs.

I don't know. My 10 Days is looking so pretty.


Edited to add: Decided ixnay on the ogayay. Talked to another hot yogi who said she had an upper respiratory infection that developed into pneumonia after a hot yoga kick and her doctor things the heat and humidity played a role. So I will ask the doc at tomorrow's appt what I should do. Byebye, 10 Day Challenge. :(

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