Friday, April 19, 2013

WW Recap 4/12-4/18: Great, Not Great

This week was great, and not great at the same time.

It was not great because I totally went into the red with my points, and just ate what I wanted the past few days. But it turns out that eating what I wanted doesn't mean crazy binging anymore, not quite. I ate like a pretty normal person, almost. Just a normal person who wasn't on a diet. So that was the great. Learning that I can, in fact, eat two pieces of pizza and be full and satisfied and happy, and a few bags of chips, not a billion and a half. Who knew?

I thought I would gain this week with my food choices and my period, but I actually maintained. Which was a totally pleasant surprise, but I won't take it it as permission to continue as I have been.

So we're back on track today, oh yes we are!


1) Go to yoga five times. (One measly day, but the first day of my challenge!)
2) Keep reading. (Some!)
3) Finish my other stupid wrist warmer that it's too warm for anyway. (NO. Worked on it though. I WANT TO GIVE UP.)
4) Make a new recipe. (Yes!)
5) Deep clean my apartment. (Yes, ish! Then it devolved.)

And goals?

1) Go to yoga five times.
2) Go to double yoga.
3) Keep reading.
5) Deep clean my apartment, more thoroughly, again.

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