Friday, April 26, 2013

25 Things To Remind Yourself To Do At 25

Thought Catalog had a great article yesterday, listing things to remind yourself to do when you're 25.

Hey! I'M 25! How fortuitous.

Some of them struck me as particularly apt at this juncture in my life.

5. Quit your job after one year if you’re miserable and find a new job. If you’ve learned everything you possibly can at the company, there is no room for growth. Your 20’s are about splatter painting your resume with experience and skills—not wasting time tapping away the keys at a job that’s making you cough up drool. Get out of there.
6. Don’t mistake comfort for happiness. Comfort can sometimes just be a more pleasant word for fear.
16. Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer aids you, develops you or makes you happy. 
 21. Wear the bizarre things in your wardrobe that you’re saving for some special occasion on a random Tuesday. That funky bow-tie with the polka dots, the dress made entirely out of glitter sequins, the shoes covered in spray paint.
25. Make a giant mistake: staying at your first job post-grad longer than you should, almost marrying a guy you know is absolutely not right for you. Maybe move across the country to Los Angeles and work at In-And-Out Burger while you’re trying to get some eyes on that screen play you wrote. These will be the experiences that will remind you that even at 25, you are still worthy of getting slapped around a bit by life. That you still have so much more to learn. 

Friday food for thought.

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