Saturday, April 27, 2013

I'm An Adult

Did I tell you when I went to get my blood drawn a couple of weeks ago, amidst the drama about the wrong location and whatnot, there was a cute guy in the waiting room?

Of course, he was a teenager.


Anyway, I realized this pretty quickly, because the woman he was with was not his girlfriend, but his mother. I didn't look too closely at her at first and assumed she was the former, until she started speaking and ordering him about and chastising him in a distinctly motherly fashion.

And then he started talking about class.


ANYWHO. So, the nurse takes me in after him, and the door to his room isn't closed and he's lying on the floor, apparently having not taken his blood drawing too well. I follow the nurse into my room after she slides his door shut, and she asks me how old I am (I guess not having read my paperwork?), before saying, "So you don't need a parent, then?"

I assume her reference is to the scene I'd seen, which in retrospect, you know, HIPPA?

"Oh, no, haha...I wish I had my mom with me, though..." I tried to make a joke. I probably should have worn makeup or you

"You look a lot younger!" She said, confirming my suspicions.

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