Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Confession, Part Two: And A Challenge

I have yet to go to yoga again this week. This is my confession.

I have excuses, but that's all they are. Excuses. Not real reasons.

I said Sunday that I thought I knew why I'd slacked off on going, and I definitely think I was right. I am psyching myself out.

Originally, I planned to wait on signing up for the teacher training program for a month or so, and I wanted to challenge myself to practice five times a week until then, which is the requirement for the program. This, of course, made my brain seize up and spaz out. Even after I had decided to sign up yesterday, I've still be feeling panic at the idea of practicing, which is just silly. It's like now that I've taken this next step, I've placed all this pressure on myself to be better or more impressive than I am, which is just...silly.

So how am I combating this?

With a 10 Day Yoga Challenge, of course!

Which absolutely seems counterproductive, I realize this. "Oh, I'm feeling pressure so let's put MORE PRESSURE ON MYSELF!" I'm a genius.

But what have I been saying about momentum and inertia? When I don't go, that allows a sliver of doubt to creep into my soul, and it's harder to get me back to the studio.

So why don't I just...not not go for 10 days? Or at least try?

That's the idea.

I can do any class I want. Restorative, non-heated, whatever. It just has to be 10 days.


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