Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fail Blog

I guess today is just "let's talk about Taylor's fails" day, as we have another one to discuss! (Also, apparently, gif day, but isn't every day?) If you've noticed, I have blogged at night this week. And that's because my laptop has come home with me...every night.

Every. Single. Night.

At least I haven't turned on my television AT ALL.

I have the willpower of a drunk starving dieter at a buffet. Or a sex-deprived single girl in front of Michael Fassbender.

Or myself.


In related news, Screen Free Week starts on April 29th! Are you participating? I'm participating. No, really. NO REALLY.

How so?

1) Leave my computer at home every weeknight...AND ALL WEEKEND. WHAT?!?!?!?! (This means I will pre-schedule posts, I guess...ohmygod what will I do with mysellllllf?)

2) Try my darnedest not to play with my phone as much. While waiting in line, while bored. I actually forgot it in the car today and never went out to get it. Wasn't the end of the world. Not like anyone who needs me can't reach me through email.

3) Continue not watching TV. Which means I should PROBABLY catch up on my shows before Monday...

4) Take a morning and afternoon break and a lunch every day at work so I get screen breaks. 15 minutes AM and PM, an hour lunch.


How about you, any screen-free plans for next week? OR ARE YOU A FAILURE TOO?

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