Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lucky Dance

I'm a pretty lucky bitch.

I could list the reasons why, but you'd hate me. I don't want you to hate me! I want you to love me. Not worship me, that would be creepy. Just love me, little sister style maybe. That would be good.

But I will confess one of the reasons I'm a lucky little brat, which is when I need to borrow small-medium-large sums of money, I can do so from my parents, then pay them back.

SO, after this long batch of house-sitting, plus the two upcoming May weekends, I am SO CLOSE to being done with the money I currently owe them.

Which is grand.

And can I just say, this post is an example of my shiny new yogified "attitude of gratitude". Look at me, appreciating what I've been given, instead of what I don't got, like that sweet car and sweet sweet pair of shorts. 

If only.

So THANK YOU to my parental unit. Such good people.

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