Friday, April 19, 2013

Compliments I Got Today

We all know I love attention, and compliments, and...attention. It's like crack to me. Stroke my ego, please, make me feel better about myself. I won't believe you for more than a minute, but that minute will be glorious.

Today was a day chock full of compliments.

From the interim CEO: "I know you're underpaid, and you're doing a good job and you're underutilized."

From a coworker: "I want you to come to my apartment one morning and style me!"

From a customer service agent who forgot to put me on hold: "She's a sweetheart."

From my yoga teacher: "Beautiful, Taylor!" (While doing dancer's pose.) "You're so funny." (After making a joke about fire.)

From a yogi watching me mop the floors after class: "Are you a teacher?" (Okay not really a compliment, but I'll pretend.)

From my cat: "Oh that feels so good LET ME BITE YOU."

The calm before the storm.

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