Saturday, April 27, 2013

Freedom and Weightlessness

One way to think about losing weight is to think of it as shrinking. To think of it as losing yourself, bit by bit, weighing less, becoming less, lighter and lighter until you're practically air being whisked away by the wind.

Some people want to become weightless.

But I prefer to think of it a different way.

I'd rather think of losing weight as actually getting more solid. Building strength up so I'm steel instead of something fragile and broken letting pounds weigh me down. I'm not losing them, I'm letting go of them, setting them free, releasing them from my soul and from my body and I'm all the stronger for it, not the weaker or the lighter.

I'm losing weight, yes, becoming lighter literally, but that doesn't mean I'm losing any part of myself. I'm not becoming weightless, I'm becoming solid and grounded.

The less of me there is, the more of me matters.

Every bit that's left is going to count.

Deep thoughts for a Saturday morning.

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