Monday, April 15, 2013

Visual Memories: From iPhone Depths

After yesterday's photofest at SBCC, I had almost 8200 pictures on my iPhone.

That is a little bit excessive.

So I sat down last night and gave myself the task of starting from the very beginning of my library, which dates back to college, and going through and deleting at least 2,000 pictures. Minimum.

I got it down to less than 4,000. So, more than cut in half. Baller.

So of course, the vast majority of my pictures are of Bentley, and if they're not of Bentley, they're of puppies.

And it turns out I have taken some awesome pictures.

You shall NOT watch America's Next Top Model!
You shall watch MEEEEE.

Dubs as a puppy attacking his big sis.
Awww, I miss our Jolie!

Pirate face.

Jolie and Frankie! One of my favorite pics.

The time Bentley got DIRTY. He was not pleased.

JoJo liked bums.

And Bentley likes bugs.

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  1. O.M.F.G. the picture of "The time Bentley got DIRTY". Hilarious. Love it.