Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I want to slap myself into submission sometimes.

Despite my post of things I love about my physical self, I am not loving my body today.

There are moments where I look at myself and I know I look different, completely. I spent a long time yesterday looking at old Facebook pictures, this change is not in question.

Then there are moment like right now, where I don't see a change at all, and I'm frustrated and irritated and overwhelmed with a feeling I can't quite name or suppress.

I also feel squishy.


I do know where it started, where it comes from. On Sunday I overate by a lot, rationalizing that I'd be working out alllll week. And now I can't, because I'm sick. SO obviously my brain now thinks I'm FAT FAT FAT and I feel bloated.


That is all.

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