Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Price of Pantslessness

Did I tell you they raised my rent $20?

I'm irritated.

I mean, my studio is great. But I always pay my rent on time, and I mean like, $20 is $20, x12 is a lot of money and I still haven't gotten my goddamn raise despite the admittance of the now former interim CEO/board member that I am underpaid and awesome. So, pshhhhhhh. 

I attempted to negotiate. This was ineffective.

I want to move to get a balcony for Tree, and some tress for him to stare at, but I don't think I can do better than this and live alone. And you know I LOVE living alone, 'cause alone means no pants.

So, yeah, I guess I pay the damn raise, to wear no pants. Unless I want to respond to one of those ads on Craig's List where you get free rent to walk around in your underwear all the time. I mean, if I lost 30 more pounds and never ate cheese again, maybe I'd be there, but I really like cheese and I really like my self-respect, so I don't think we're going there.

I guess my sushi consumption will be going down. 


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