Friday, April 26, 2013

Assistant to the Assistant

This week was Administrative Professionals Week. A whole week to celebrate me and my people, the copiers, the staplers, the shredders and the labelers.

We got an official day, too. Wednesday.

I got a giant fortune cookie in the mail on Monday, and left it in the kitchen for people to eat. When I did, I dropped a super obvious hint about the made-up holiday, but no one bit.

I did not get celebrated.

But today, you know who I'm celebrating?

My new assistant, Gracie.

My Buff and I have often discussed having a "take your niece to work day", and it turns out that The Husband is off to Vegas for a bachelor party this morning, and she had to work, so poor Gracie was going to be alone most of the day.

I was happy to solve that problem.

Gracie got dropped off a little after six am, and I let her on the bed with me, and of course this offended the Tree, who decided to take Gracie's bed.

Before work, my assistant and I went to Office Max to pick up some supplies for a conference next week. Gracie is a big fan of the car.

Then we made it to the office, where Gracie was overwhelmed with the excitement of other pups. She found much love for Yogi, who is her new boyfriend.

Stay tuned for more about Gracie...will she do any work today at all? Who knows.


  1. Reallllllllly!? All those dogs work with you??? Like, everyday? I have no idea what your job is... But, I want it!!!

    1. Yup, it's a dog friendly office, so people can bring their pups in whenever they want! It depends on the day but we usually have at least a few running around! One of the perks of working for a tech start-up.

  2. And, Gracie looks SO much like my dog, Bentley (like your cat!) who stayed in the village.