Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dating Thoughts From the Deep

Okay, so...I think I know when I'll be ready to date.

That's a secret.

I know, I know, why am I keeping secrets? It's mean! Secrets secrets are no fun, blahblahblah, but you's just safer that way, in case things don't end up quite the way I expect them to and I have to backtrack.

I do hate to have to admit a mistake, you know.

Let's just say, it coincides with a certain weight loss goal but the goal itself is not the catalyst, and I expect to it around summertime, which will coincidentally coincide with teacher training. So I'll have, funny enough, a built in excuse to not have enough free time to get tempted into one of those insta-bonds that never really mean anything in my view because they're usually two people just desperate to connect.

It's funny, I'm a romantic that doesn't quite believe in love at first sight.

Sure, I love the concept, eyes connecting, that frisson of energy, a flash of a vision of your future with this person that you don't know. But in reality, it actually makes me uncomfortable. Love should be based on more than first glance to me, you know? Love is knowledge of smile and values and history and laughter and kindness. Personality. That's connection.

Eh, what do I know. I haven't banged that many dudes.

God, I'm deep.

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